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In an area with limited cuisine choices…

Enjoy a catered, personal dining experience. The beauty found in the isolation of this rural Georgian landscape also means fewer restaurants nearby.

…Italian dish, or Greek, or Latin Fusion, or basically anything else your taste buds desire.

Spend less time cooking and cleaning while on vacation.

Personal Chef John

“As a resident of Gilmer County for over 20 years, I know the struggle to find a variety of quality cuisines.

This is why I bring a Good Place 2 Eat to you.

I am knowledgeable of cuisines from across the globe and use authentic ingredients and recipes, not just the Americanized versions of them.

Let me enhance your personal dining experience  by bringing your favorite gourmet cuisines to you while on your vacation.”

At A Good Place 2 Eat we know that you want to go from “ho hum” to personal dining in with diverse cuisine.

In order to do that, you need good food… upscale dining, flavors that entice the palate, and flexibility in types of food service.

The problem is you settle for comfort food or fast food which makes you feel frustrated, unsatisfied, apathetic, disappointed that there is not better food available.

We believe Gilmer county has a high demand of people who can appreciate flavorful, upscale food. Vacation requires better food options!


Authentic In Taste & Technique

John has been a chef for 30 years and traveled all over the United States.

This is why he prepares cuisine from over a dozen different cultures: German, Greek, Mediterranean, Spanish, Japanese, and more.

John prepares cultural cuisine the way it was meant to be in both authentic taste and technique.

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Make your next food experience full of joy and satisfaction, more diversity in cuisine.

Do you serve parties less than 8?


Are you local to Ellijay?

Yes, but we deliver and service Blue Ridge & Jasper

Does your table service include tablecloths & napkins?


Is your cuisine authentically prepared?

Yes & with authentic ingredients

Do you prepare vegan or vegetarian dishes?


Can we pick up the food?

Yes, if served family style. Everything is packaged in separate containers. We can arrange a pick-up location with you

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

Yes, it is BYOB with a small corkage fee. We provide any alcoholic beverages.

Do you prepare food onsite?


Can you have the meal ready when we arrive?

Yes with advance notice

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Where good food comes to you!